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Bikini Beach Paintings



'These paintings are distorted versions of 'pop up' celebrity photos that are made available to us by media websites.

I wanted to make some paintings that are about this modern form of voyeurism but I also saw these images as updated versions of Picasso's beach paintings from the 1920's and in fact updated versions of the classical theme of the birth of Venus (Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, Uffizi)

The images have been distorted on 'photoshop' to undermine the idealisation of these celebrity bodies. The paintings are on plywood- vaguely referencing the beach environment. The small images are based on the idea of a 'pop up' window on a computer screen.



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Right  Wave Jumper detail. 2013 Oil on Board   50x50cm






Right  Green Bikini detail 2013 Oil on Board  50x50cm